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Starline Commercial & Financial Starline

Company Profile; Newsletter; Marketing Material; Advertising; Vision Statements; Corporate Identity; Annual Reports; Management Reviews; Profit Sharing; Company Savings Schemes; Correspondence; Trust Funds; Investment Funds, etc.
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Starline Technical & IT Starline

Operating Manuals; Quality Manuals; Computer Manuals; Feasibility Studies; Press Releases; Web Sites; Tenders and Submissions; Specifications, etc… Specific emphasis on Automotive and Railways, Telecommunications, Mechanical Engineering, Mining, Oil and Natural Gas, Handling and Storage, Construction;
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Starline Legal Starline

Commercial law
Distributor Agreement; Employment Contract; Trading Terms And Conditions; Service Agreement; Master Service Agreement; Manufacturer's Terms; Framework Agreement; Licence Agreement; Subcontract Agreement; Dealers Service Agreement; Product Agreement; Renting Contract; Residential Lease; Memorandum And Articles of Association; Minutes; Community Trade Marks : Notice of Opposition, Grounds of Appeal, etc; Certificate of Conformity ; etc.

Family affairs
Divorce Papers; Affidavits; Alimony; Court Summons (Scottish Law); Court of Session (Scottish Law); Birth/Marriage/Death Certificates; Power of Attorney; Will; etc.

Starline Tourism Starline

A whole series of high-profile official guidebooks, tourist guides, audioguides and websites drawing on expertise knowledge in art, history and architecture.
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Starline Social & Educational Matter Starline

Health, Safety & Environment; Various minority groups: Children, Elderly, Women, Ethnic groups, Religious groups, etc.; Labour Relations; Health at Work, etc.
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* Translations: Commercial & Financial; Legal; Technical & IT; Tourism; Social & Educational * Business Liaison * Copywriting * Voiceover *
  Armelle Vagneur-Jones, Senior Partner
Starline, Marescot, Mare Hill Common, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2DX, UK.