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We started off in this world as pure-bred translators and our references speak for themselves... You can rely on 15 years of expertise in a wide variety of domains. We are always open to new industries and are only too keen to keep learning. That's the best way we've found to remain passionate about our profession and to maintain our 'edge'.

We are not an 'all-round' 'give-us-your-business' translation agency - we specialise only in French and English translations. We don't do dozens of languages - just the two. You don't deal with a brand name (although we want Starline to be known the world over!) but with real people who you will get to know and who will learn your way of working.

Come to us for all your French/English translation needs, from a commercial email to a complete tender, from a simple label to a technical manual, to translate your website or your marketing brochure, to publish your P/L accounts or to keep your customers up-to-date through your newsletter.

We will make sure that we produce an accurate rendering of your message, maintaining its tone, its technicity and its purpose.

Starline Business Liaison Starline

Stemming from our translation work, some of our clients have asked us to take a more proactive role in their relationships with their French-speaking clients to constantly improve their line of communications. This liaison can take many shapes:-

  • interpreting at meetings, site visits, etc.
  • telephoning for follow-up purposes or to arrange meetings, etc.
  • first point of call and
  • processing enquiries in French, etc.

Discuss with us how to stay in touch with your client and make sure you don't miss any business.

Starline Copywriting & Voiceovers Starline

More and more clients are now demanding 'extra' help from us, including writing materials which they specifically aim at the French-speaking market. They also want to add voiceovers to their various promotional material or even to their websites.

Brief us on what you want to achieve and we will tell you what we can do for you.

ListenClick here to listen to a sample audio file in French and in English.

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* Translations: Commercial & Financial; Legal; Technical & IT; Tourism; Social & Educational * Business Liaison * Copywriting * Voiceover *
  Armelle Vagneur-Jones, Senior Partner
Starline, Marescot, Mare Hill Common, Pulborough, West Sussex RH20 2DX, UK.